OCTO 3420

Digital pressure gauge


Ranges: 40 mbar up to 600 bar
Basic accuracy: ±0.25%
Sensor: silicon piezoresistive
Pressure port: G1/4”; 1/4” NPT; M20x1.5; G1/2” etc.
Media temperatures: -10…+60 °C
Ambient temperatures: 0…+50 °C
Display: 4 ½ digits with backlight, min / max value, bargraph, units, 330° rotatable
Battery life: 1 year to 5 years
Ingress protection: IP 65
Features: configurable via buttons, including zero trim, auto-off, etc


OCTO 3420 is a digital pressure gauge. Powered by 2xAA batteries, it provides up to a year of reliable readings of pressure updated twice every second in active mode, and up to 5 years in on-demand mode. For user convenience, the instrument has a backlight with auto-off feature. In addition to the current pressure reading, a multifunctional display shows minimum and maximum values since the last reset. User is able to trim zero and the full scale, select measurement units, decimal point position, adjust auto-off timeout.


General industrial applications
Process automation
Hydraulics and pneumatics
Test equipment
Liquid level monitoring

Code configurator

Order code:

  • Pressure snubber
    Pressure range: up to 700 bar
    Operation principle: throttling
    Temperature range: up to +250 °C
    Housing material: stainless steel



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