AMZ 5450


Smart pressure transmitter with HART communication


Pressure ranges: 15 mbar up to 400 bar
Overpressure: up to 600 bar
Accuracy: up to ±0.075%
Output: 4...20 mA
Communication: HART
Approvals: 0Ex ia IIC T4 Ga X / 1Ex d IIС Т5, Т6 Gb X
Sensor: capacitive stainless steel / silicon piezoresistive
Pressure port: 1/2” – 14 NPTF, adapters for other threads
Turn down: up to 100:1
Display: LCD with backlight


AMZ 5450 industry standard pressure transmitters are based on a proven capacitive pressure sensor technology(*) and feature high performance, resistance to overpressure and stability in dynamic pressure and temperature environments. Certain parameters, including ZERO and SPAN are configurable by use of a special magnetic tool in the hazardous areas. Local liquid crystal display features backlight and is mountable at 0, 90, 180 and 270 degrees providing flexibility in transmitter installation angle.

*ranges over 70 bar feature piezoresistive sensor technology


Liquid, steam and gas pressure measurement
Level monitoring in open tanks

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