KZ 05

Anchoring clamp for submersible transmitter


Cable diameter: 5.5-10.5 mm
Materials: stainless steel housing, polyamide reinforced with glass fiber jaws
Bearing capacity: 250 kg
Dimensions: 174x45x32 mm


KL 05 is an important accessory for the professional installation of submersible pressure probes. In most cases submersible pressure probes are being installed on a self bearing hydrometric cable. In deeper wells, the length of the cable can reach hundreds of meters, so the proper anchoring of the cable becomes vitally important to ensure that the cable sheath is not damaged and the venting tube is intact. KL-05 spreads the anchoring load by uniformly clamping the cable along the 100 mm length with it’s specially designed polyamide jaws making sure that the cable is safe.

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