ZCON 100

Zero trim and range selection device


Ranges: selection of up to 3 ranges, zero trim
Supported transmitters: multi-range, with 4-20 mA output
Connector: DIN 43650 A, cable length 0.4 m
Power: 4xAA batteries
Unit weight: 250 grams
Ingress protection: IP40
Temperature range: +10… +40 °С


ZCON 100 is a hand held tool intended for use with the multi-range series of pressure transmitters. Communicating directly with the transmitter’s ASIC, it allows the user to select up to 3 predefined pressure ranges, as well as to adjust zero point. “Range” LEDs on the front panel indicate the active range number and “Link” and “Error” LEDs provide status information. ZCON 100’s built in 4 mA reference used for zero trim operation can be periodically verified/calibrated with the help of commercially available loop calibrators.

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